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CMC Claim Consultants, Inc. is a fully licensed and accredited public adjusting firm. We are licensed by the Florida Department of Financial Services to transact all types of homeowner and commercial insurance losses on behalf of the insured. At CMC Claim Consultants, Inc. our main focus is to get you back to your daily, uninterrupted life as soon as possible. Our efforts minimize the challenges of preparing claim reports and assessing your damages to maximize your insurance settlement.


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12651 South Dixie Hwy., Suite 207 Pinecrest, FL 33156

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Telephone: (305) 668-3335

Fax: (305) 668-7887

We work for you, NOT the insurance company.
Our team of public adjusters at CMC can find damage that the untrained eye does not see. We know how to interact with insurance companies and how to present your claim for maximum success.