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If your home or business suffers damage during the 2019 hurricane season, and your insurance company denies your claim or doesn’t pay full value, contact us for a free case review.

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Millions of dollars will be unclaimed this year simply because policy holders do not know what they are entitled to.


We are public insurance adjusters working toward disaster recovery. We are committed to representing and successfully guiding policyholders through the property claims process. In the event of a loss, dealing with your insurance company can be difficult, and failing to comply with certain obligations can reduce your settlement or cause your claim to be denied. With over 40 years combined experience representing residential and commercial policyholders our licensed experts have recovered millions in compensation for claimants based on our estimates, state statutes and code requirement upgrades. We focus on maximizing your monetary recovery for your property loss or damage. We work for you, NOT the insurance company.

CMC Claim Consultants

CMC Claim Consultants, Inc. is a fully licensed and accredited public adjusting firm. We are licensed by the Florida Department of Financial Services to transact all types of homeowner and commercial insurance losses on behalf of the insured.

Plumbing Leak

Water damage is one of the most common reasons people make claims on their home insurance. As with water damage, a number of things can be affected: flooring, furniture, electronics, even valued family heirlooms.

Roof Leak

Once you are aware of a roof leak, it is your duty as a homeowner & business owner to protect your property and contact your public adjusters immediately. Roof leaks can cause serious water damage, not just to your roof, but to the interior of your home/business as well.

Wind, Hurricane & Tornado

Hurricanes, tornados, and tropical storms cause billions in insured losses. Many properties are destroyed or seriously damaged by falling trees and flying debris.

We organize, prepare and submit insurance claims for:

At CMC Claim Consultants, Inc. our main focus is to get you back to your daily, uninterrupted life as soon as possible. Our efforts minimize the challenges of preparing claim reports and assessing your damages to maximize your insurance settlement.

Homeowners and Business owners

Condo Unit owners and Associations

Rental owners (with renter’s policies)

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We work for you, NOT the insurance company.
Our team of public adjusters at CMC can find damage that the untrained eye does not see. We know how to interact with insurance companies and how to present your claim for maximum success.