Vandalism involves deliberate destruction of or damage to your private property and can be extremely scarring to the individuals affected by such an act. The first thing the victim should do is contact the authorities. Unless your home is in some type of immediate danger or someone’s life or health is being compromised, do not start the clean-up process until the police have been involved. Allow law enforcement to see and document the loss first. You will need a copy of the police report for the insurance company.

The damages from theft and vandalism are complex. The loss is not always objective and able to be replaced, as some items have sentimental value attached to them. There is also the security threat not only to your property or valuables but safety issues affecting your family or loved ones, which makes burglary or vandalism a personal affront. Vandalism and theft leaves you feeling powerless.

The use of professionals such as CMC Public Adjusters will alleviate some of the burden connected with this debilitating act.  CMC public adjusters have experience in carefully assessing the damages to both the property and its contents. After an act such as vandalism or theft leaves you restless, leave the rest of the worries to the professionals.

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